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Uppdaterat 2006-04-05:
Nu har trailern för uppföljaren Titanic II the Sequel släppts på YouTube

Min samling av Multimediafiler från Titanic innehåller filmklipp (många länkar tyvärr brutna !)
i VIVOActive format och Quicktime MOV format. Jag har även videobilder i realplayer format och bra gif-animationer.
Även ljudklipp i wav-format samt erbjuder även skärmsläckare och windowsteman.

Många tack till www.titanicmovie.com (officiella hemsidan) samt www.petesmoviepage.com

Ljudklipp (wav-format)
"Aww forget it boy, you're as likely to have angels fly out of your ass then get next to the likes of her." -
"Old Rose: Titanic... was called the ship of dreams. and it was, it really was" - 117KB
"Rose: You have a gift Jack. You see people.
Jack: I see you." - 58KB
"Rose: Don't you understand, the water is freezing and there aren't enough boats. Not enough by half." - 103KB
"Jack: I'm the king of the world! Whoo Hoo Hoo!" - 59KB
"Rose: You're very rude. You shouldn't be asking me this.
Jack: well, it's a simple question. Do you love the guy or not?" - 63KB
"Ruth: Tell us of the accomidations in steerage Mr. Dawson.
Jack: The best I've seen ma'm. Hardly any rats. (Laughter)" - 98KB
"Brock Lovett: Are you ready to go back to Titanic?" - 26KB
"Captain E.J. Smoth: Take her to sea Mr. Murdoch. Let's stretch her legs.
Murdoch: Yes, sir." - 64KB
"No thank you, we are dressed in our best and are prepared to go down as gentlemen." - 56KB
Rose: "I'm Flying!" - 96KB
Music from the third class dance - 121KB
Don´t Come Any Closer! I´ll let go! Wav
Just Give Me Your Hand And I´ll Pull You Back Over.. Wav
Good Gracious! Wav
Jack, I want you to draw me like one of your french girls.. Wav
We are going to America Wav
The Water Is Freezing.. Wav
Jack ! This is where we first met Wav
Promise me Rose..that you won´t give up..no matter what happens.. Wav
You jump I jump right? Wav
Do You wanna go to a real Party? Wav
You are Crazy ! With all due respect miss, I´m not hanging back of a ship here.. Wav
He does landscapes.. Wav
Iceberg ! Right ahead! Wav
This ship can´t sink! Wav
The Boats are gone! Wav
To go down as gentlemen Wav

Skärmsläckare och PLUS! Windowstema
Deep Dive (1 MB)
Titanic Montage(2.6 MB)
Titanic Screen Saver Ladda hem skärmsläckare med Titanicmotiv

Serieteckningar Foxtrot av Bill Amend


Filmklipp från Titanic
i VIVOActive format
Filmtrailer, i 2:30 version 1.8 MB i VIVO-format.

Diverse filmklipp (240 x 120):
Are you ready to go back to Titanic?  640K (VIVO)
Leaving port  928K (VIVO)
Third Class Dance  630K (VIVO)
I'm Flying!  1.3MB (VIVO)
Deep Dive Footage 5.7MB (MOV)
Timelapse of Titanic being built 5.7 MB (MOV)
Newsreel  544K (VIVO)

Diverse intervjuer
James Cameron:
On the mindset of 1912 480K (VIVO)
On faith in technology  448K (VIVO)
On Titanic as metaphor  192K (VIVO)
On re-creating the sinking  160K (VIVO)
On the value of history  256K (VIVO)
Connecting the actors with the past  384K (VIVO)
The influence of the deep dive  256K (VIVO)
Meeting expectations  544K (VIVO)
Leonardo DiCaprio:
The challenges of Titanic  480K (VIVO)
A memorable moment on the set  576K (VIVO)
Kate Winslet:
Jack and Rose  224K (VIVO)
Meeting Gloria Stuart  416K (VIVO)
Billy Zane:
Cameron's approach to casting  384K (VIVO)
Learning 1912 eti:uette  512K (VIVO)
Gloria Stuart:
Her similarity to Rose  288K (VIVO)
Meeting Kate Winslet  544K (VIVO)

Till nya Titanicskivan, Back To Titanic,
har det gjorts en mindre musikvideo till sången An Irish Party in third class.
Videon är gjord i Realplayer.
Se Jack och Rose dansa i tredjeklass i videon: An Irish Party
Du kan även ladda hem en bra gif-animation från samma fest,
se dom båda i Party in Third Class (332 Kb)

Tillbaka till Camerons film, Titanic

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